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About Waffles & Pancakes Society

The Waffles And Pancakes Society has one simple goal in mind, to bring people closer together. We hope to achieve this goal by hosting student run and funded charity events and fund raisers. We at WAP Soc want to make a difference, it's the small things in life that add up and the simple pleasures that make life such a fantastic adventure. What could be simpler than a breakfast, held by students, for students, with the aims of spending time with one another and enjoying the simple pleasures. When you join WAP Soc you will be with a variety of people from all walks of life, yet you will have one binding thing in common. You want to help people. You want to make a difference.

So join WAP Soc and we can make that difference, all of us, working together.

Current Committee 6
Chairperson Jonathan O'Sullivan
Secretary (name hidden)
Treasurer Samuel Jones
Health and Safety Officer Liam Moloney Quinn
Public Relations Officer (name hidden)
Web Admin Mark

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