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Space & Robotics

SPARC it up!

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About Space & Robotics

DCU Space and Robotics Club is all about our name! We love taking part in Space and Robotics related activities of all sorts. In the past we’ve built drones, robotic rovers, 3D printers, and even rockets. We've also gone on astrophotography hikes, visited Iceland to see the northern lights, stargazed in Tenerife, and much much more. Whatever projects or activities SPARC is doing we make sure to cater for all expertise levels, it doesn't matter if you've never done astro photography or used a telescope before - we'll show you!

Each year the club grows and we always have big plans to engage and excite our members - DCU SPARC has rocket launches, exciting trips, advanced robotics projects, along with more of everything we’ve done in the past planned for what promises to be an amazing year ahead!

Despite the shadow of COVID throwing some of our projects into a hiatus, we've got every intention do be active while restrictions are in place with safe, fun, and interesting events that we'll be able to have go ahead even with restrictions in place!

Current Committee 7
Chairperson Sharan
Health and Safety Officer Brianna Elena Ciocan
Health and Safety Officer Iliana Troeva
Vice Chairperson Maxim Richard Gsamelov
Public Relations Officer Ali Ayyildiz
Treasurer Valeria
Astronomy Officer Caoimhe

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