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About Bridge Society

If you are up for learning an intricate and addictive card game, bridge is for you.

Bridge trumps all card games. It is played in groups of four and there are two unique elements to the game(bidding and playing). We teach from scratch so no pressure to have any knowledge of the game. Before long you'll be better than your granny! 

We play once a week 3-5 on a Thursday, with the occasional tournament. Our hope is to bring some of our club members to competitions abroad and represent both Ireland and DCU :)

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, feel free to come along!

Bridge Society COVID-19 Coordinators
Luca Crone (Chairperson)
Niamh Donnelly (Public Relations Officer)
Current Committee 9
Chairperson Luca Crone
Secretary Aishwarya Pillai
Treasurer (name hidden)
Public Relations Officer Niamh Donnelly
Accessibility Krishna
Bridge Director/ Teacher Emma Harlick
Equipment Officer Feargal Carey
Events Officer Jane Eileen Hill
Vice Chairperson Snehavalli

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