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International Relations Society

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About International Relations Society

The International Relations Society is all about trying to understand the world around us. In a world ever more defined by states abilities to work with one another, we uncover the processes, reasons and ideas that drive the international decisions that affect us all. Whether it be global climate change, trade, poverty & inequality, conflict, interstate diplomacy or public policy, we get to the heart of the issue. We invite and host the most interesting and relevant guests to deliver interactive discussions on the issues you care about. We offer students interested in IR, politics or those just looking to learn more a portal to sit opposite the States people of the World. We aim to give a platform to a diverse range of speakers from all walks of life, giving you a chance to listen to their experiences and learn more about the world around you, and the organisations within it. Ambassadors for the United States, Kenya, South Korea and India have lent us their time. We host events that correlate with current affairs, such as journalists from the Guardian, The CEO of the Irish Refugee Council, round table discussions and debates with leaders of grassroots organisations working within Ireland and abroad. We host pub quizzes and karaoke nights to get everyone together and give you a chance to make new friends and meet like minded people. 

We also have a strong sense of responsibility for taking action on the issues we care about and seek to make an impact larger than ourselves. With us, you're guaranteed to feed your brain and learn new insights, all while meeting new people and having a bit of craic (and usually some pints). So, if you're eager to learn about the world, come join us at IRSoc.

Current Committee 5
Chairperson Hugh Emerson
Secretary Rory
Treasurer Sarah Garrett (She/Her)
Events Officer Aodhán Ó Laighin
Vice Chairperson Rui Jean

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