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Kpop Society

Best New Society
Winner 2023/2024

"You are the cause of my euphoria"

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About Kpop Society

We are the First ever Kpop society in all of Ireland! We have recently been set up in February of 2023!! Here to promote the love of Kpop in all its form and to spread more of the culture throughout DCU and the world one step at a time!!

We are also a safe space for all that want to join! There is no requirement for anyone and we will teach you the basics of everything to do with Kpop!! Just feel free to express yourself here!!

Please join us as we have loads of amazing events planned!! Karaoke! Dance Practices! Outings, Screenings and more than you can imagine!! 

Current Committee 11
Chairperson Rachel Wang
Chairperson (name hidden)
Secretary Cormac Ruane
Treasurer (name hidden)
Public Relations Officer Oonagh
Dance Representative Zoe Muriel Barte
Equipment Officer Sofia Margarita
Events Officer Eoin Boushel
Ordinary Committee Member Kensho
Public Relations Officer Rhianwen Eira Arellano
Vice Chairperson Cedric Shi Han Sim

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