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Caving Club

DCU Caving Club

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About Caving Club

Caving is an adventure sport like none other. Caving is the exploration of all kinds of naturally formed underground passages, from colossal chambers and deep chasms to tight rifts.

Caving is done for many reasons and can be as easy or as difficult as you choose. Some people cave just to see the beautiful underground formations, some like to study the geology of the caves (Speleologists), while others do it for the adventure of overcoming the challenges posed in an underground environment.

The difficulty can range from simply walking around in vast chambers, to crawling through tight spaces, or descending/ascending technical rock faces by using specialist equipment. Instead of rock climbing in caves, we instead employ the Single Rope Technique (SRT), which involves a set of ascension devices and a descending device, connected to you via a harness. This allows you to easily bypass vertical obstacles such as deep vertical pits.

We train in the minor hall in DCU Sports Complex:

    - Wednesdays 5-7pm

    - Fridays 5-8pm

Join the club to meet amazing people, see incredible places, and to make your favourite college memories.

** Only 4 euro to join the club!! **

Current Committee 9
Chairperson Oisin Keating Mac Dermott
Equipment Officer Aidan Geraghty
Secretary Travis Reidy Wilson
Treasurer Niamh Mc Sherry
Ordinary Member Emma Nolan
Public Relations Officer Fergal Blanchard
Safety Officer philip thornton
Training Officer Dexter Hodkinson
Trips Officer Josh Humphries

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