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About Arts & Crafts Society

You doodle in lectures? So do we!

You want to improve? We have tutorials!

You want to just chill? Don't we all..

V- soc is the hub for DCU's visual artists. We have a community sketchbook where you can draw your own stuff or accept a challenge. We do 15-minute tutorials on how-to draw and help people improve. We also play drawing-related games, including illustrating our own games! Further ahead we are planning on doing things like animation and digital painting! We also love lofi hip-hop.

In a nutshell, if you're scribbling at the corners of your notes, v-soc is the place for you.

Tag along and join our Discord (link will appear in page after your signup request has been approved).

Current Committee 6
Chairperson Patrick Sode
Secretary Gillian Kristel Tabisaura Garcia
Treasurer Kiet Ngo
Public Relations Officer Cole Egerton
Events Officer Abigail
Events Officer Marwa Mahfoodh Yahya Ahmed Al Rashdi

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