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About Aviation Society

We are DCU Aviation Society, or Avsoc for short. We are a society that basically eats, sleeps and breathes planes and all things plane related! If you love going to the airport to watch planes land and take off or if you’re even just interested in finding out more about the daily life in the aviation industry, then this is the society for you! 

Here at AvSoc we love aviation just as much as you do, and soon you’ll find out that there is so many more people who share the same interests as you do here at Avsoc! So, why should you join? Throughout the year we have various speakers in who come from a variety of aviation related areas, so you are guaranteed to find a talk that you are interested in. Over the years, we have been extremely lucky to have some of the top professionals in to speak to us about what they do, such as, Michael O’ Leary, CEO of Ryanair, Lisa Cusack, Aer Lingus pilot, Enda Corneille, Country Manager for Emirates Ireland, and so many more speakers. 

Along with guest speakers, we also hold information evenings for up and coming cadetships for Aer Lingus etc. We also have various trips around Ireland, visiting flight schools such as AFTA in Cork and NFC in Weston Airport. Trips are a valued part of Avsoc life and we try our best to squeeze in as many trips as possible. We also run trips to the Air Traffic Control tower in Dublin Airport, along with weekly trips to go plane spotting at Dublin Airport! 

One of the highlights of the society year is our annual trip abroad. Last year we visited Frankfurt, Germany. We were lucky enough to get an access all areas pass of Frankfurt Airport, where we managed to get on the tarmac to watch countless amounts of A380s, 747s and various other planes you would not usually see on the tarmac of Dublin Airport. Along with the airport tour, we visited Technik Museum, where we stepped foot into Concorde, something that is almost impossible to do these days. We also got to experience the crazy nightlife Frankfurt had to offer and enjoyed a quiet drink or two! 

When you join AvSoc, you are joining one big family. We are a relatively small society, which means you get to know everyone on a much more personal level. We host various nights out throughout the year so everyone can get to know each other more and have the odd drink or seven. You don’t have to be doing Aviation Management to join the society, this course is for any student of DCU! 

We look forward to meeting all new members and are so excited to show you all what we have planned for you!

Aviation Society COVID-19 Coordinators
Emma Duff (Treasurer)
Jack Kenny (Chairperson)
Current Committee 8
Chairperson Jack
Vice Chairperson Adam Hegarty
Secretary Bláithín McDonnell
Treasurer Emma Duff
Events Officer Jack Kennedy
Advisor robert kent
First Year Rep Luciana Fernanda
Ordinary Committee Member Iona Ward

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