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In DCU Badminton Club we have six badminton courts to play in. Players of all levels are welcome. You can play singles or doubles with any other members of the club. No serious training! Just recreational games.

Our training times are:

  • Mondays: 6pm - 9pm
  • Wednesdays: 2pm - 4pm

We are waiting for confirmation from clubs and socs on when the club can resume play. We will email all our members when we get the green light!

We compete in the Student Sport Ireland (SSI) Badminton tournament in Semester One and Intervarsities in Semester Two.

  • SSI. The team will be put into groups. Usually, three or four colleges in a group, and each team in the group plays with each other. The top two teams in the group are invited to the final tournament which is held in Baldoyle Badminton Centre.
  • Intervarsities. The team travels to the college that is hosting the tournament. It is usually three days so we stay over somewhere near the hosting college. Last time we went to Belfast!
Current Committee 8
Chairperson Melvin
Secretary Reuben Butler
Treasurer Cliona Frances McGowan
Health and Safety Officer Wei-Hsiang
Health and Safety Officer Kyle Angelo
Public Relations Officer Aine Madden
Equipment Officer Bien Marco Jorvina
Ordinary Committee Member Draven Dale Calabia

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