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About Rowing

DCU's Newest Rowing Club!

We aim to:

  • Facilitate and promote the sport of rowing in all its forms here in DCU
  • Foster the development of members as rowers, coaches, and individuals
  • Provide a platform for rowers to represent DCU Rowing in competition
  • Promote a sense of community among our members through rowing, and non-rowing related activities

Whether you have a competitive side, or you're looking for a great way to keep fit, rowing is a fun and rewarding sport where you will see quick progress if you're willing to work hard.  Rowing is also a very social sport, and your club can be your community.

Convinced?  Join the crew, and let's get rowing!

Current Committee 7
Vice-Chairperson Sean Greene
Chairperson Cormac Ruane
Secretary Benjamin Petherbridge
Treasurer Adam Mc Carthy
Public Relations Officer India Wall
Equipment Officer Aimee Gallagher
Rowing Officer Niamh

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