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Student Business Consulting Society

Expand your CV and meet new people here at SBC!

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About Student Business Consulting Society

Dublin City Consulting Society (DCCS) is one of DCU's unique societies! At DCCS, we want to help students gain work experience and learn real-world problem-solving techniques. We pair up with companies from all different kinds of backgrounds who come to us with a wide variety of projects. We put a team of students together with a project leader, who work side by side with the company in completing the project! This society has been helping businesses across Dublin since 2012, and we've no intentions to stop now! 

Joining our society you get:

  • First-hand experience with a company working on a project
  • Practice working with a team with different skill sets
  • Workshops from our sponsor Deloitte, including CV workshops, interview skills practice, and Q&A's from staff across all departments!
  • A head start on networking with companies and other like-minded students
  • And finally, we run events throughout the year to celebrate all the work you guys put in! Every event is paired with pizza (of course) and is a great way to meet new people in the society outside your team!

It's important to take note that we totally understand you are all students and are very busy as is. All of our projects take a break during times the colleges are off, and during exam periods too. Everything we do for the year concludes around April, so have no fear of DCCS clashing with exams, etc. This society is such an amazing experience and has been one of my highlights in DCU. I've met so many new people here who've become wonderful friends of mine, which is something I'm so thankful for.

If this society sounds like something you'd be interested in, feel free to join. If you've any questions we are happy to help, so ask away! You can also check out our socials at the links beside here too!  Above all else, enjoy your time here in DCU! From all of us here at DCCS we wish you a great year!

Current Committee 9
Chairperson Aoibheann
Chairperson Lucy Jane O Reilly
Vice Chairperson Jakob Schwarze
Treasurer Maria Cheslerean
Events Officer Robert
First Year Rep Maja Hennig
Head of Competitions Julius Brinkmann
Sponsorship Officer Leonie Merkel
Treasurer Dana Jarrar

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