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Alternative & Indie Music Society

Promoting the creation, discussion and performance of Alternative & Independent music.

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About Alternative & Indie Music Society

We are the Alternative & Indie Music Society—home of the music scene on DCU. We host regular events based around creating and discussing alternative, independent and experimental music. We take any and all genres under our wing from folk rock to hip-hop, hardcore punk to dream pop, shoegaze to BIG BEAT and everything in between. AIMS actively uses a number of social mediums platforms such as Facebook and TikTok where we demo albums and songs recommended by our membership weekly. You can also find all our upcoming event on our Facebook page. We regularly operate on Glasnevin and St. Pats campus and our main events usually come in three forms:

  • Jam Sessions (WEEKLY)—evenings for creating fresh music, learning new instruments and hanging out. We've seen new music produced, bands formed and many boxes of free pizza shared. Worry not if you lack experience jamming with others or playing an instrument, because we promote an easy-going atmosphere that helps people in adjusting to playing together. We also provide a number of intuitive instruments for aspiring musicians (glockenspiel, ukulele and bongos), as well as more intermediate ones (acoustic guitar, piano, and drum kit). There are always committee or society members around who are willing to show you the ropes. This is our bread and butter and we hope to see you there!
  • Pass the Aux (WEEKLY)—late afternoon music sanctuaries for students with an hour to spare. At these listening sessions we take refuge in a cosy unused lecture room and listen to a playlist curated by our membership based on a weekly theme. We also shoot the breeze and eat biscuits. It's pretty chill.
  • Variety Events (Open Mics, Karaoke Nights, Movie Screenings, etc.)—throughout the year we like to spice things up with large-scale events that allow our members to shine such as open mics and karaoke nights in DCU's own Glasnevin concert venue, appropriately known as The Venue. We have also like to host the occasional movie screenings (Stop Making Sense, Drive), concert trips (Injury Reserve, Mountain Goats) and themed event (GOTH NIGHT). You might even see a grand old battle of the bands featuring other colleges in the near future.

Joining Our Discord Group

We have a group on Discord which facilitates all kind of events and discussions in regards to music and AIMS.

Link to AIMS Discord: https://discord.com/invite/9gqhw5J

It's our little spot where members can talk shop music, instruments and events. Facebook recently removed the ability to provide group chat links, so this'll be our methodology for the time being. See you soon!

Current Committee 9
Chairperson Samuel Jones
Secretary David O Donoghue
Treasurer Zoe Collins
Public Relations Officer Josh Herbert
Equipment Officer Adam Murphy
First Year Rep Ferdia Quinn
Graphic Design Officer (GDO) Karl Ormsby
Inclusions Officer Daniel Mc Entee
Ordinary Committee Member Mobhí de Búrca

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