Media Production Society

Best Charitable Contribution
Winner 2020/2021 ((society))

Best Society Poster
Winner 2020/2021 (DCUfm 12 Hour Broadcast )

Individual Contribution to Society Life
Winner 2020/2021 (Ciara Breslin)

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About Media Production Society

Since its foundation in 1985, the Media Production Society has established itself as a cornerstone of DCU society life; operating as a creative and social outlet to a broad variety of students within the university. 

Composed of three different strands, MPS offers the opportunity for its members to gain practical experience in their chosen field of media and collaborate with other, like-minded creatives. 

The MPS blog allows the linguistically gifted of our members to express themselves and their passions - whatever they may be! From music to mental health, student life to serial dating, our blog encourages students to explore their interests through the medium of text. With the launch of our Action Replay blog last year came a new outlet for our sports-minded members to showcase their work and hone their writing skills. The MPS blog fosters creativity and content creation and ensures that MPS has a constant online presence that reflects the works of our society and its members.

DCUtv offers members the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the world of visual media. DCUtv not only encourages all MPS members to create video content, but also to gain hands-on experience in the more technical aspects of video production. Through annual events run by our TV team, such as Battle of the Cams and the DCUtv 24 hour broadcast, MPS offers the chance to our members to come together and create, catering to all experience levels and interests. 

DCUfm is Ireland’s Best Student Radio Station. After a year of remote streaming, DCUfm has only grown in membership and standard, and our FM team are so excited to see the station continue to prosper as we prepare to reenter the studio. DCUfm is dictated by our members and their wonderful ideas - you give us your concept and we show you how to take it on air. Additionally, our fantastic podcasting equipment allows members to continue their audio endeavours outside of the studio. DCUfm instills a profound love for audio creation in all of its members, with many of the station’s alumni currently working in stations such as Spin 103.8, Newstalk and FM104. 

After 36 years, thousands of members (and not to mention a global pandemic), MPS continues to grow in numbers and talent year on year. MPS seeks to present exciting opportunities to our members, both creatively and socially, and foster the immense potential within DCU students. We hope to continue to do so as we move forward.

Media Production Society COVID-19 Coordinators
Adam O'Dea (DCUfm station manager)
Aisling Hurley (Treasurer)
Daniel Breene (TV Manager)
Gerard Shiels (Webmaster)
Joshua Ellul (First Year Rep)
Kate Burke (Secretary)
Katie Roache (Events Officer)
Muiris O'Cearbhaill (Events Officer)
Rachel Kiernan (Public Relations Officer)
Ruairí Flynn (Vice Chair)
Sarah Mc Guinness (Chairperson)
Sophie Mc Devitt (FM Station Manager)
Current Committee 14
Chairperson Sarah Mc Guinness(She/Her)
Vice Chair Ruairí Flynn
Secretary Kate Burke(She/Her)
Treasurer Aisling Hurley
Public Relations Officer Rachel Kiernan
Brand Design Officer Becky Kelly
DCUfm station manager Adam O'Dea
Events Officer Katie Roache
Events Officer Muiris O'Cearbhaill
First Year Rep Joshua Ellul(Please Ask)
FM Station Manager Sophie Mc Devitt
TV Manager Daniel Breene
TV Station Manager Eoin O Reilly
Webmaster Gerard Shiels(He/Him)

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