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Weekly Hip Hop Class
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Weekly Hip Hop Class taught by the amazing Shannon Ryan!! These classes are open to members of all levels and, so come along and have a bop!!

Weekly Hip Hop Class

Day Tuesdays
From 18:30, to 20:00
Type VIRTUAL Activity

Weekly Hip Hop Class taught by the amazing Shannon Ryan!! These classes are open to members of all levels and, so come along and have a bop!!

About Dance Society

DCU Dance is safe space that gives each member the opportunity to learn, grow and express themselves freely, while continuously learning and evolving as dancers. The main focus of our society is to give students the opportunity to do what they love around likeminded people who have a passion for dance. When joining DCU dance you can expect a vast variety of events, classes, styles and techniques, tips and tricks and most importantly new experiences and memories made.

Throughout both semesters we have beginners classes which are taught by students. These classes give people who may not have had the opportunity to focus on dance in the past the chance to learn the basics and begin their journey with dance. The styles that these classes mainly focus on are: Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Irish, Ballet and Heels. 

Our inter varsity event consistently encapsulates the year. It is a fun and exciting achievement to aim for. Here each university dance society gets together to showcase their crews routine in Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Irish. An impressive event that brings the entire society together each year. Auditions for these crews take place at the beginning of the year. 

The events that we host each year give everyone the chance to take part in Dance, even if it is just as a spectator. You don't have to just be a dancer to have a love for dance. Some of our previous events have included, The Full Monty, The All Ireland Dance Experiment and Best Dance Crew. 

There are no correct requirements or a “right” time to learn the movement of dance. Whether you’ve danced since the day you could walk or never before we here at DCU Dance emulate the message that Dance is for Everyone.

Dance Society COVID-19 Coordinators
Ava Whelan (Public Relations Officer)
Caoimhe Cummins (Secretary)
Eimear Collier (Intervarsity Officer)
Eva Roantree (Events Officer)
Lauren Byrne (Chairperson)
Roisin McArdle (Treasurer)
Taylor Graham (Ordinary Committee Member)
Current Committee 13
Chairperson Lauren Byrne
Secretary Caoimhe Cummins
Treasurer Roisin McArdle
Public Relations Officer Ava Whelan
Events Officer Órla Morris Toolen
Events Officer Eva Roantree
First Year Rep Meadhbh
Intervarsity Officer Eimear Collier
Ordinary Committee Member Taylor
Ordinary Committee Member Kelly
Pats Rep Ciara Elaine Byrne
Sponsorship Officer Grace Hanneffy
Vice Chair Siobhan Buggy

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