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Youth activism & fighting for human rights worldwide

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About Amnesty International Society

The Amnesty International society promotes activism and campaigns on a variety of human rights issues. As members of Amnesty-Ireland, we are part of a global movement of activists in more than 150 countries around the world. We take action for the victims of human rights injustices worldwide.  Our events include talks from guest speakers,  student led campaigns (with a focus on campaigning to end Direct Provision this year!), society trips, activism workshops and going to protests. You don't need any previous experience or knowledge to join, just a desire to learn and make a change!

Amnesty International Society COVID-19 Coordinator
Jessica Andriessen (Public Relations Officer)
Current Committee 7
Chairperson Jessica Gill
Secretary (name hidden)
Treasurer Orlaith Ni Dhuill
Public Relations Officer (name hidden)
First Year Rep Imogen Raleigh
Ordinary Committee Member Molly Gaffney
Ordinary Committee Member Niamh Holohan

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