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DCU Yoga Society has been organising yoga classes in DCU for over 20 years.

Our classes are Hatha yoga, with a focus on physical postures and breathing techniques. Classes are held in The Hive on the Glasnevin (GLA) campus, the Sports Hall on the St. Pats (SPD) campus, and now online during semester time.

All levels welcome! Beginners, don't be afraid to come along and try yoga out. You'll soon feel the benefits as yoga may help with: reducing stress, anxiety & depression, increasing energy, improving memory, focus and concentration, strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility, and improving posture and overall health.

'Yoga does not change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees'

Current Committee 6
Chairperson (name hidden)
Secretary (name hidden)
Treasurer Aoibhe Murphy
Public Relations Officer Ann Mary Easow
Public Relations Officer Nuala Murray
Ordinary Committee Member Nabila El-Barazi

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