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About Eastern European

Welcome to  The Eastern European Society! EE-soc was established to get DCU students from this geographical area together and anyone who is even slightly curious about those cultures. Haven't you had a hard time meeting fellow eastern Europeans, or been curious about why Yugoslavia fell apart or just wanted to discover some delicious food? Well, we can't promise to give away all of grandma's secret recipes but just enough to make you visit that country. Join us to escape some of the stress and work of Uni, and replace it with a fun atmosphere that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Some of our activities for this year will include:

Speed Friending, Culture Nights, Game Eves, Home Cinema, Language Night, Cooking Shows/Challenges

Current Committee 8
Chairperson Edy Nastase
Co-Chairperson Danail Tsanov
Treasurer Valeria
Public Relations Officer Leela Walsh
Events Officer Michael Costin Bunea
First Year Rep Cole Egerton
Ordinary Committee Member Andrey Yordanov
Secretary Eugene Prodanchuk

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