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Young Fine Gael Society

A Lot Done, More To Do

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About Young Fine Gael Society

Young Fine Gael is the autonomous youth wing of Fine Gael that seeks to advance the political representation and objectives of the youth of Ireland. Fine Gael is a centre-right party who strongly believe in individual responsibility, personal liberty and a fair and just society. Young Fine Gael is an organisation which aims to advance the political objectives of the Fine Gael party and young people across the country. Membership of DCU YFG will give you an insight into the people behind Ireland's largest political party as well as exposure to different views and ideas on how politics in Ireland operates. With a variety of events held throughout the year such as debates, discussions with local representatives, social outings as well and trips domestically and abroad, DCU YFG aims to enhance the extracurricular experience of students during their time in DCU. We aim to develop both the social and political character of our members through interaction within the society, with the multiple branches of Young Fine Gael throughout the country and our YEPP colleagues throughout Europe.

Craic, Campaigns, Careers and friendships that will last a lifetime. 

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Current Committee 9
Chair Cormac Docherty
Secretary Holly Heeney
Treasurer Shane Parkes Crosby
Diversity and inclusion (name hidden)
Events Officer Killian Boggan
Irish Language & Unity Officer Michael Gheorghe Cucuiet Finn
Ordinary Committee Member Patrick Mulligan
Ordinary Committee Member Wim Wolz
Vice Chairperson Edel Daly

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