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The Trad society in DCU is a collection of the finest traditional musicians in Ireland who love to play trad and have the craic !!!

 We organise weekly sessions in our local Cat and Cage and trips to the 'Conradh na Gaeilge' to join up with other trad socs in Dublin. Its a great chance to meet musicians your age and gain confidence in your playing.But that's not half of it, when you join this amazing society you get the chance to go on intervarsity trips , watch recitals and of course trips to the best trad music festivals in Ireland and abroad.

So join up and play a set with us !!


Current Committee 7
Chairperson Zoran
Secretary Breda Jolene Doherty
Treasurer Aaron Glancy
PRO David Nesbitt
events management Jasmine Scanlan
First Year Rep Fiona Teresa Kelleghan
Vice Chair (name hidden)

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