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Cricket is a sport that can be played both competitively for regular players, and non competitively for new players. Taking everyone's skills into account, the games rhythm can be set so as to make it most enjoyable for everyone involved regardless of skill. Students learn the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship while playing a sport they love!

At DCU Cricket, our goal is to essentially create a better future and a stronger community full of both athletes and academics. New players will be given the opportunity to meet and talk to people from various backgrounds and communities from all corners of the globe. Not only will they become brilliant cricketers but also skilled human beings. 

Cricket Club COVID-19 Coordinator
Harish Narayanan (Secretary)
Current Committee 4
Chairperson Rahul
Secretary Harish Narayanan
Treasurer Annan Atiq
Public Relations Officer Usama Ahmed

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