Resource Documents

Attendance Logs Word 190 KB
Clubs & Socs Handbook Link
Dublin Rape Crisis Link Link
Guide to running your Club/Soc Link
Guidelines for Social Media Link
Keeping It Safe Link
Setting up a Club/Soc Link
Unlock your Account Link
Bank Details of Clubs/Socs Bank account for reimbursements Link
Change of Signatories (required also if not BOI customer) PDF 62 KB
Change of Signatories Form PDF 234 KB
Change of Signatories Letter Link
CHECKLIST for Bank of Ireland Link
New Bank Account Letter Word 9 KB
New Debit Card Application PDF 55 KB
Non BOI Customer (to go with New Bank A/C Form) PDF 62 KB
Opening a New Bank Account Form PDF 1 MB
CLC Individual Competitor Funding Request Form Word 9 KB
Club/Society Additional Funding Request 23/24 Link
Clubs & Socs Code of Safe Practice Link
Event Management Plan 23/24 Link
Photography Request Form 2024 Link
Risk Assessment Form (Template) Link
SLC Individual Competitor Funding Request Form Word 9 KB
SU SSHHH logo Link
Visa Payment Form Link
Policy DCU Link
Accessibililty Policy Link
Accessibility Symbols Link
CLC Funding Policy 23/24 Link
CLC/SLC Code of Conduct Link
Coach Management Policy Link
DCU Codes of Conduct Link
DCU Student Sexual Misconduct Policy Link
Respect & Dignity Link
SLC Funding Policy 23/24 Link
Social Media DCU Policy Link
SS&D Bullying, Sexual Consent, Assault & Harassment Link
Student Alcohol Policy Link
Student Policy on Drug Misuse Link
Bystander Intervention Programme 23/24 Link
Domestic Travel Request Form 23/24 Link
International Travel Budget Application 23/24 Link
International Travel Management Plan 23/24 Link
Student Travel Document Template 23/24 Link
Trip Registration/Activity Form Link
Newsletter Semester 1 Week 1 Link
Newsletter Semester 1 Week 2 Link
Newsletter Semester 1 Week 3 Link
Newsletter Semester 1 Week 4 Link
Newsletter Semester 1 Week 5 Link
Newsletter Semester 1 Week 6 Link
Newsletter Semester 1 Week 7 Link
Newsletter Semester 1 Week 9 Link
Newsletter Semester 1 Week10 Link
Newsletter Semester 1 Week11 Link
Newsletter Semester 1 Week12 Link
Newsletter Semester 2 Week 1 Link
Updates 22/23 Link
Clubs Draft Constitution (OMS version) Template 23/24 Link
Society Draft Constitution (OMS Version) Template 23/24 Link
Society Full Constitution (VIEWING ONLY) 23/24 Link
Chairpersons Workshop 23/24 Link
Club's Treasurer's workshop slides 23/24 Link
Effectively Managing your Social Media Link
Finance/Treasurers Information Societies Link
Handover Workshop Link
OMS Workshops 22/23 Links Link
Socs Treasurer's Workshop Slides 23/24 Link

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