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About Africa Society

We aim to celebrate all African cultures and create a place for all students to learn about or reconnect with their African roots. We also welcome everybody to learn about our culture and experiences. 

We understand how stressful college life can be so we aim to create a relaxing environment for students. We encourage students to be themselves and have a good time through our various events. We also aim to provide a lovely community were students are treated with respect and celebrate their differences.

We are a strong community and we are proud of who we are.

Current Committee 21
Chairperson Jessica Okakpu
Vice Secretary Chantelle Afriyie
Treasurer Kathleen
Treasurer Wendy Sindy
Public Relations Officer Oluwafikewa
Public Relations Officer Grace Mfinda
Public Relations Officer Destiny
2nd Year Rep Dammy Sanusi
Assistant Events Louise Nhema
Events Officer Latifu Olarenwaju
Events Officer Beyonce Tommina
Events Officer Favour
Events Officer Ayoola
First Year Rep Success Eloghosa Agbonifo
First Year Rep Rachael Akano
Health and Safety Officer Vanessa Obi
Ordinary Committee Member Genese Balonana
Second Year Rep Francisca Netonna
Second Year Rep Feyi
Vice President Farrell
Vice Secretary Dami Adesina

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