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May the Flop be with you

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About Poker

DCU Poker is DCU's only society which hosts the beautiful game - no, not football, Poker!

Whether you're a skilled player, an avid fan, a casual card player, or just someone looking for a good laugh - we're a society for you all. We cater to all players, of any ability (or none at all!), and we're providing the game of Poker for everybody to enjoy!

We'll be hosting weekly games, in-house leagues, and major events for anyone who thinks they have what it takes to become the next 'Kid Poker'.

And if playing competitively isn't your thing, we'll also be having casual nights, Pro Poker viewing sessions, and events for beginners to introduce you to all forms of poker.

So come along, there are chips and a chair with your name on it. Make friends, bet, bluff, and may the Flop be with you!

Current Committee 4
Chairperson Shane Murphy
Secretary Aaron Dylan Ingram(He/Him)
Treasurer Oisin McGovern(He/Him)
Ordinary Committee Member Sean Greene

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