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Karting Society

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Winner 2023/2024 (Chasing the Chequered Flag)

Individual Contribution to Society Life
Winner 2023/2024 (Sarah Mc Mahon)

Always Chasing the Chequered Flag

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About Karting Society

DCU Karting is certainly one of the more thrilling and exciting societies out there! We offer regular karting trips to our members as well as the opportunity to have fun and make new friends. So if you are just interested in racing your friends around one of the many exciting tracks we attend around the country then you're more than welcome here! We are a society made up of all types, from serious racers to casual drivers, absolute petrol heads to complete beginners, we welcome everyone no matter their ability or experience.

DCU Karting was the recipient of the Best Society, Best Society Event, and Best Society Photo at the 2022/2023 Clubs & Socs Awards - we offer a unique experience that cannot be matched!

For the more serious racers, we also enter a team into the annual karting intervarsity. This is a championship between many of the colleges around the country so if you want to represent DCU while also getting involved in close wheel to wheel racing with the best then be sure to join and show us your skills.

Our society is also made up of many F1 fans so if you want the opportunity to talk F1, the karting society is the place to be!

Current Committee 14
Chairperson Shane Murphy
Secretary Aaron Dylan Ingram(He/Him)
Treasurer Sarah Mc Mahon(She/Her)
Safety Officer Kevin Harkin
Postgraduate Representative Caitlin(She/Her)
Public Relations Officer Tom Lawlor
Brand Design Officer Aodhan Fagan
Events Officer Peter Mc Conville
Motorsport Officer Ross Flanagan
Ordinary Committee Member Eoghan Smithers
Ordinary Committee Member Coel Leonard
Ordinary Committee Member Cian Marley
Sponsorship Officer James Eoin Kavanagh
Trips Officer Michael Hegarty

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