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About Filipino Society

DCU’s Filipino society is for individuals of all ethnicities to learn more about the cultural heritage of the Philippines. Here you can build relationships with students, practice speaking the language, eat traditional cuisine and be part of a lively community. We plan to organise a wide range of events. This includes karaoke nights, movie & game nights, sports and so much more. We also aim to make this society a ‘home away from home’ with plenty of opportunities for engagement and the possibility of forming long-lasting friendships.

Filipino Society COVID-19 Coordinator
Daniel Irein (Covid 19 Officer)
Current Committee 10
Chairperson Sean Marc Maraveles
Secretary Liam Eguia
Treasurer Eldon Antonio
Covid 19 Officer Daniel Irein
Public Relations Officer James Patrick Pahati
Public Relations Officer Josh Esguerra
Equipment Officer Jeonah Roperos
Events Officer Joanna Talvo
First Year Rep Kenneth John Ras
Ordinary Committee Member Mathew

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