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Promoting Chinese Culture Since 3000BC

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About Chinese Society


Welcome to Chinese society we are a society that is dedicated to the promotion of Chinese culture in all its wonderful aspects.

We will have weekly events coming soon.

All are welcome!

We have many events planned during the year and can't wait to see you all there!


Chinese Society COVID-19 Coordinators
Chee Hin Choa (Treasurer)
Jervis Chen (Secretary)
Current Committee 13
Chairperson Boris Yu
Vice Chair Beibei Pan
Secretary Jervis Chen
Treasurer Chee Hin Choa
Public Relations Officer Rachel Wang
Brand design officer Aotian Wu
Brand Design Officer Kline Borromeo
Events Officer Harry Wing Sing Tang
Events Officer Orla Jinglun
Events Officer Conor James Gunn
Health and Safety Officer Eliott Gauvin Grennan
Ordinary Committee Member Crystal Yan Qi Liang
Vice secretary Raivis

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