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About History Society

DCU History Society is a society set up for people with any interest in history, be it a burning passion to a passing interest to explore and share their love for History.

We plan on bringing together people from all campuses of DCU in a fun, interesting and safe environment so everyone will enjoy and feel able to share their own particular historical interests as well as taking part in the many activities we plan on organizing over the coming weeks.

Explore, Share or just sit back and listen, we are a dynamic society that wants you in it to have fun and if you love History and like having fun, well then this is the society for you!!!

History Society COVID-19 Coordinator
Cathal Byrne (Chairperson)
Current Committee 5
Chairperson Cathal Byrne
Secretary Cathal O Gara
Vice Public Relations Leslie
Ordinary Committee Member Ciaran
Ordinary Committee Member Adam Forrester

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