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Table Tennis Club

DCU Table Tennis Club

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About Table Tennis Club

Hi! Welcome to the DCU Table Tennis Club. Are you looking for a reason to join our club?

The table tennis club accommodates all levels from beginners to professionals. At our training, you can expect to get lots of coaching tips to improve your game. You will be able to train at a high level if that's your aim.

If you're looking to have a bit of fun and meet new people that's no problem. Lots of fun activities will be held throughout the session to keep it interesting and dynamic. Table tennis bats will be provided if you do not have one.

The club trains on the Glasnevin Campus and competes in Intervarsity competitions. Training times are Monday 5-7pm and Wednesday 3-5 pm in the Arena, Glasnevin Campus.

Hope to see all club members soon!

Current Committee 7
Chairperson Adam Byrne
Secretary Bhargav Panicher
Public Relations Officer Seán Geoghegan
Events Officer Shahryar Waheed
First Year Rep Simon Weir
Ordinary Committee Member (name hidden)
Ordinary Committee Member Dhanush Ramesh

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