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About Camping Society

Tired of the city? Want to get away from all the noise and busy atmosphere? Want to explore the wild and see the beauty nature has to offer? If so, you've come to the right place. Here in the Camping Society, we gather to appreciate everything outdoor with a heavy emphasis on, of course, camping.

We do a mix of both campsite and wild camping, with usually at least one camp per each semester. The activities in these camps are pretty varied so there should be something for everyone. Other activities such as hiking or pioneering days may be held during the semesters however this is subject to time availability.

Interested but don't know anything about camping? Don't worry! We host activities every Wednesday where we teach you guys about several aspects of camping (with of course some fun and banter sprinkled into it).

If you want to talk to other members in the off time, we have a discord server available to members of the society. The link for it will appear on this page once your membership is approved. Any questions for the committee, feel free to ask through the contact form on this page or by contacting us through Instagram

Our AGM will be hosted Wednesday, January 18th. The room is HG10/11 and it will start at 6pm.

Current Committee 8
Chairperson Cost Fonseca
Secretary Sean Dagohoy
Treasurer Georg Kristjan Esberg
Safety & Accessibility Officer Conan Kavanagh
Safety & Accessibility Officer Evan Dargan Hayes
Public Relations Officer Lei Roelle
First Year Rep Magdalena Kudlewska
Trips & Events Officer Joshua Ellul(They/Them)

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