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About Sub Aqua Club

Scuba diving is an exciting adventure sport that can literally open up a whole new world to you. Whether it’s observing the diverse underwater life, floating weightlessly through spectacular underwater landscapes of cliffs and ravines or exploring sunken shipwrecks, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

While many people associate diving with tropical locations, Ireland is renowned for some of the most spectacular diving in the world. During the dive season we go on regular trips around Ireland that will give you the opportunity to experience everything Irish waters have to offer.

Internationally Recognized Diving Qualifications

The DCU Sub-Aqua Club was founded in 2001 and is part of the National Diving Federation “Comhairle Fó-Thuinn” (CFT or the Irish Underwater Council). This in turn is affiliated with, and operates under the guidelines of, the International Diving association “Confederation Mondiale Des Activities Subaquatiques” (CMAS). As such the diving qualifications you gain with us are internationally recognized and will enable you to dive anywhere in the world.

What Do We Offer

The DCU Sub Aqua Club provides a relaxed and supportive environment in which you can learn to Scuba dive. We provide training for all skill levels and abilities and you can learn at a relaxed pace with qualified CFT instructors. We provide a complete training package to both snorkelers and divers. You will train for your first diving qualification (CMAS 1 star qualification - Trainee Diver) over the autumn and winter months. This is done primarily in the pool, giving you the opportunity to build your skill and confidence in the water. You will also attend a series of lectures that will teach you diving theory. Come March you will be ready to take the plunge into the sea. As to how far you go beyond that.... well that is up to you!

Common Questions

When do we train for scuba and snorkeling?

We train every Tuesday evening at 7pm. We meet up at the container at 6:30pm and then head over to Coolock Swimming Pool to learn essential dive skills.

We also have fitness training every Thursday at 6pm in the DCU pool. 

Do I need to have dived before?

Absolutely not! All we ask our trainees is to have a basic ability to swim and to express an interest to learn these new skills. 

I have dived before with PADI or equivalent, do I need to train?

In order to dive with our club we need to know what level you are at. So if you already have another diving grade with another organization, all we ask is you do an equivalency test. 

The best ways to find out more about Sub-Aqua is to either sign up on the mailing list or just simply reach out us!

Current Committee 13
Chairperson Leo Branagan
Secretary Conor(He/Him)
Treasurer Christopher Maher
Health and Safety Officer Charlotte-Jane Mooney
Assistant Boat Officer Aoibheann Bird
Assistant Equipment Emma
Boat Officer Pavel
Diving Officer Conor Patrick Meyler
Equipment Officer Daraigh Eglington O Toole
Events Officer Matthew Fitzpatrick
Snorkel Officer Gavan Flinter
Training Officer Alizee Leleu
Web Admin Niall Ryan

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