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About Games Society

One of DCU's oldest societies, we specialize in all things gaming. Whether you want to sit down with some friends and play some console games or want to go all out online with some PC gaming. Even if all that fancy tech isn't your thing, we've got you covered with our weekly tabletop game nights, where we play all sorts of board and card games. If you keep an eye open, you may even catch sight of the odd "Wildcard" event, which could be anything our wild imaginations can muster up.  We also have an official discord for weekly get togethers, and collaborate with many of the other societies on campus, so even if you can't make events, you'll still have the chance to interact with our gaming community. No matter how broad or narrow your interests, we're sure to have something that caters to your tastes. So come on down for a game or two!

Games Society COVID-19 Coordinator
Matthew Patrick Sharkey (Chairperson )
Current Committee 10
Chairperson Matthew Patrick Sharkey(He/Him)
Secretary Amy Joan Mc Hugh
Treasurer Ronan Barrett
Public Relations Officer Joseph Harbison
Console Officer Sorcha Rose
Ordinary Member Matthew
Safety & Accessibility Officer Annie Mooney
St. Patrick's Campus Representative Leo
Tabletop Officer Liam Hennessy
Webmaster Andre Rafael Cruz Da Fonseca

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