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About Coffee Society

Coffee is a staple of a daily routine for many people. From a wake-up call in the morning, to a boost before a heavy studying session or exercise, to a drink to be conversed over whilst on a date, a catch-up with friends or a job interview, coffee has made itself a fundamental necessity in our lives. However, while coffee has become treasured by people from all walks of life, there is an absence of appreciation for it beyond its stimulating effects. Coffee Soc aims to rectify this. Our aim is to educate our members in coffee culture, both in theory and in practice. The theoretical side shall cover the history of coffee, how its country of origin plays into its flavour, and how the simplest of alterations to preparing it (such as temperature, brewing time and roasting colour) can make or break the taste of a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, the practical side will cover expanding the palates of our members through repeated tastings, while also coming together, both in-person and over online meetings, to practise and improve our methods for preparing coffee at home, using inexpensive and common household apparatus.

Coffee Society COVID-19 Coordinators
Conor Archbold (Chairperson)
Conor Scott (Public Relations Officer)
Dylan Doherty (Treasurer)
Current Committee 5
Chairperson Conor Archbold
Treasurer Dylan
Public Relations Officer Conor Scott
Events Officer Conor John O Leary
Ordinary Committee Member Shauna Rose Raeside

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