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Airsoft is an action sport that will get your adrenaline pumping, keep your heart racing, and leave you wanting more, but with DCU it becomes more than just a sport. It’s a community effort and we call upon members, Committee, and sometimes Alumni to keep the Sport at the top of its standard. We here at DCU Airsoft pride ourselves in organising, playing and mentoring the game we all love. We also make a promise to bring all this fun at an incredible price. The society secures major discounts with certain sites in order to pass them onto our members. At the price of €15 for a day of Airsoft, I don’t see many down sides. We supply a rental loadout for those who need it also. Airsoft will immerse you in the chaotic and exciting world of action, but all the while making great friendships that may even continue after college.

We promise regular trips to various airsoft locations in Ireland allowing you to experience the full potential of airsoft in Ireland. On top of all this, you don’t even need your own gear! AS previously mentioned, we provide equipment for those of you that are new to airsoft and looking to try your hand at it! That includes a rental, magazines, BBs for the days trip, and face protection and gloves. Our members safety is our No.1 priority. We ensure that all our members under the rules for their own safety and the safety of others. Safe game = Fun game. For those of you that want to buy your own equipment, we are more than happy to provide information and tips in from well experienced players to allow you to set yourself up to become a true airsofting champ!

We, like many other societies are making the transition to online communication, to what is being deemed the ‘New Era of Clubs n’ Socs’. Nevertheless, DCUAS is always here for its members. The Society have set up group chats and online forums via Social Medias so you are never more than a click of a button away. In these group chats and forums, we talk loadouts, site locations, teching if there is a problem with your loadout, and we discuss tips and tricks so you too can become a seasoned airsoft player. We also discuss deals and bargains that some of the many prestigious shops over around the country. We try to find best deals on gear to help our players on their first loadouts….. or their 5th. There is no experience needed to play airsoft. Our players range from seasoned players, to those with starter kits, to even those who have never heard of Airsoft before. So there is no excuse not to get involved!!!!

Our committee are here to answer any of the question you may have about Airsoft via DCU email, Facebook or Instagram (Socials are listed below) so don’t hesitate.

Sign up with us today and the action begin. See you on the field Airsofters!

Current Committee 8
Chairperson Kieran McLoughlin
First Year Rep (name hidden)
Secretary Oisin Murphy
Treasurer Joseph O Reilly
Public Relations Officer Harry Wing Sing Tang
Equipment Officer Boris Yu
Extraordinary member Matthew
First Year Rep Eoghan Clancy

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