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About FLAC Society

The DCU FLAC Society is a student branch of the independent human rights FLAC organisation that is dedicated to the realisation of equal access to justice for all. We aim to provide a service akin to that of national FLAC, by providing the student body as well as the wider public with free legal advice on the DCU campus.

Should you become a member of the DCU FLAC society, you will be trained by lecturers on how to provide free legal advice through our Training Sessions which will be held at the start of the academic year. To further train our members, we hold Mock Clinics which give members a practical insight into providing individuals with free legal advice. You will be presented with several fictional scenarios, all of which include a person seeking legal advice on a common area of law. This is a great learning experience which will undoubtedly be beneficial for your future as a solicitor or barrister. As well as this, we hold several guest speaker events and social events throughout both semesters and we also organise an annual trip abroad!

The ability to provide people with legal advice is admired and the DCU FLAC Society is aimed at equipping our members with this ability in order to promote free equal access to justice!

FLAC Society COVID-19 Coordinator
Sarah Emilly Stefan (Chairperson)
Current Committee 10
Chairperson Sarah Emilly Stefan
Secretary Gabriela Cioclea
Treasurer Hannah Arthurs
Public Relations Officer Emilija Radaviciute
BCL 1st Year Rep Joella Nkosazana Dhlamini
Clinics Manager Natasha Maimba
EPL/JH 1st Year Rep Oisín Carr
Events Officer Gayatri Sangra
Ordinary Committee Member Illan Dunne
Vice Chairperson Kenneth

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