Feminist Society

A Society Committed to Promoting Intersectional Feminism and Gender Equality across Campus

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About Feminist Society

We at DCU Feminist Society are a group dedicated to campaigning for social, political and economic equality for all people. We dedicate time to considering taboo or topical feminist issues, anything from politics to porn. We worked very closely with DCUSU and USI throughout the Repeal campaign, but it’s not all about heated debates and impassioned protests, we like to keep feminism fun with weekly events including movie nights, quizzes and light-hearted discussions. We strive to promote intersectional feminism on campus and are always excited to welcome new faces to our little family! 

Current Committee 8
Chairperson Aoife Graham
Secretary Shayna(She/Her)
Treasurer Catriona Ryan
Vice Chairperson Jessie Sulaj (She/Her)
Accessibility Officer Xing Qiu
Assistant Events Anna Brodigan
Events Officer Poppy Cairns
Ordinary Member (name hidden)

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