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Islamic Society

Surely in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find comfort

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About Islamic Society

A positive and welcoming community bringing Muslim students of all backgrounds together.

Our society acknowledges the importance of social, cultural, educational and religious activities, incorporating these throughout our lectures,  social events and charity fundraisers. We do not only put a huge emphasis on learning, but also on making your time at DCU more memorable.

Each year we team up with other Islamic societies across Ireland to organise our annual trip abroad where students learn more about different cultures and their faith while exploring extraordinary places and trying new things.
Joining the Islamic Society allows you to take part in and experience once in a life time opportunities, all while meeting new people and making life long friends.

Our ISOC offers a wide range of leadership roles that can help you build key skills and is an amazing addition to your CV.

Most importantly, the Islamic Society allows you to spend your youth working on and actively participating in the most crucial part of our lives; Islam, and enjoying yourself while doing it.

For more information you can visit our social media pages or feel free to contact us at .

Current Committee 9
Brother's Vice Chairperson Mohammad Eid Zaher Zaher
Chairperson Ahmad Bilal Hussain
Sister's Vice Chairperson Ruqaiya Saeed
Secretary Sara Haque
Treasurer Sulieman Aziz
Senior Advisor Omar Mohamed Ibrahim Eldesouky M Rayan
Halaqa officer Hudaifa
Halaqa Officer (Sisters) Areej Adnan
Ordinary Committee Member Luqman Hafiz Rostam

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