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Beauty is in the eye of the boulder

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About Rock Climbing Club

The DCU Rock Climbing Club is a club for students both experienced and inexperienced in rock climbing! Whether you have been climbing for years or simply want to try out a new sport, all levels are welcome.

We have a wall in the DCU Sports Complex which we usually train on twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and we try to do a couple of outdoor trips each year. We also head to a couple of competitions too, including a big intervarsity competition between various climbing clubs in Ireland that is usually held in March/April. 

Join us at training to touch some rocks and meet some people!

Current Committee 12
Captain Emily
Secretary Michael Smyth(He/Him)
Treasurer Tymoteusz
Health and Safety Officer Cuan Whelan
Public Relations Officer (PRO) Matylda
Equipment Officer Ross
First Year Rep Thomas Nickels
First Year Rep Francesca Natalia Buga
Ordinary Committee Member David
Ordinary Committee Member Luca Rocca
Training Officer Jack Brophy
Trips Officer Finn Egan Barron

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