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About Anime & Manga Society

I think the name speaks for itself, we are a society based around the development of friendships through mutual appreciation of Japanese anime and manga as well as any other facets of Japanese popular culture. Anime is for everyone, and everyone is welcome!

During term time we meet up every Thursday to watch and discuss anime that you the members have voted for in a weekly poll. Its held in a couple of different rooms, generally CG86 in the Henry Grattan.

We have a large library for both popular and obscure manga, where people can check out the first few volumes of a Manga they want to read, and return it afterwards.  We also hold a Manga Mondays event on our in the U, where we vote on a manga to read every week and chat about them.

Our activities are split between in-person events and our Discord server, which is visible to members. We're look forward to meeting everyone again, and hope we see you at our events!

Current Committee 10
Chairperson Cormac
Secretary Geo Fitzpatrick(She/Her)
Treasurer Cost Fonseca
Public Relations Officer Cole Egerton
Accessibility Officer Ieva
Brand Design Officer Gillian Kristel
Manga Librarian Sean Dagohoy
Ordinary Committee Member Josh Geraghty
Screenings Officer Percy
Trips & Events Officer Jacky

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