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About Anime & Manga Society

I think the name speaks for itself, we are a society based around the development of friendships through mutual appreciation of Japanese anime and manga as well as any other facets of Japanese popular culture. All anime is anime, and everyone is accepted.

During term time we meet up every Thursday to watch and discuss anime in the room we have always used, but currently we are using our Discord server, as we can't do it in person. 

We also have a large library for both popular and obscure manga, where people can check out the first few volumes of a Manga they want to read, and return it afterwards. 

Most of our activity now is through the discord server, attached below for members. We look forward to meeting everyone again, and hope we see you at our events. 

Anime & Manga Society COVID-19 Coordinators
Liam Eguia (Ordinary Committee Member)
Mikhail Sedyshev (Screenings Officer)
Sean Thompson (Chairperson)
Current Committee 10
Chairperson Sean Thompson
Secretary Mariah Viola
Treasurer Cormac
Public Relations Officer Benjamin Dowie
Accessibility Officer Kate Wray
Brand Design Officer Cole Egerton
Manga Librarian Dawid
Ordinary Committee Member Liam Eguia
Screenings Officer Mikhail Sedyshev
Trips Officer Jemie Nguisani

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