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Politics Society

Best Society Collaboration
Winner 2023/2024 ("Mock Dáil 2023" in collaboration with Debate, Young Fine Gael, Young Fianna Fáil, Social Democrats, Young Greens & Labour Youth)

Individual Contribution to Society Life
Winner 2023/2024 (Cormac Ruane)

Discussing what matters

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Awards Roll of Honour
About Politics Society

DCU Politics Society is a non-party affiliated, impartial platform that facilitates the discussion and critique of issues in the public arena. The society exists to educate its members on issues of both domestic and international current affairs, so to foster confidence them to speak out against injustice.  The society brings together politically interested, like-minded individuals to interact and socialise at formal and informal events, including guest-speaker events and casual panel discussions. 

Current Committee 8
Chairperson Benjamin Watson(He/Him)
Secretary Kamelia Iarmurati
Vice-Chairperson Sean Greene
Treasurer Sarah Mc Mahon
Public Relations Officer Cormac Ruane
Assistant Events Donnchadh
Events Officer Theobald Mc Donald
Ordinary Member Emma(She/Her)

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