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About Style Society

DCU style is a society which, at its core, is about creativity and self-expression.

Founded fifteen years ago, 2005 marked the inaugural DCU fashion show, and indeed the first event of its kind in the country. Since then, the society has flourished into one of DCUs most vibrant and dynamic societies positioned at the heart of university life. The annual fashion show, which remains the largest student run event in Ireland, brings the talent and dedication of the societies ever- growing members to life. In addition to this, DCU Style facilitates the production of a bi-annual magazine, and holds numerous events including industry talks, workshops and clothing swaps, striving to create a stimulating, welcoming space which has something for everyone with an appetite for style!

Style Society COVID-19 Coordinator
Leanne Finglas (Deputy Events)
Current Committee 14
Chairperson Mitchell Goudie
Secretary Freya Merriman
Treasurer Isa Grimes
Public Relations Officer Leah Maher
Content Creator (name hidden)
Deputy Events (name hidden)
Events Officer (name hidden)
Head Stylist x (name hidden)
Ordinary Committee Member (name hidden)
Project Young Designer Caroline Moran
Sponsorship Officer (name hidden)
The Look Co-Editor (name hidden)
The Look Editor Kornelija
The Look Online Editor (name hidden)

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