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About Pool & Snooker Society

Welcome to DCU’s Pool and Snooker Society! Are you looking to flex some serious snooker skills or maybe you want to beat some friends at pool. Whatever your goal we’ve got you covered. All skill levels are welcome, from Beginners to Masters, we’re all here to shoot some balls.


Here at the Pool and Snooker Society we provide a range of events for you to take part of throughout the year. Those include, Friendly games against society members, Society Solo/Teamed Tournaments, Inter-University Tournaments and a few watchable surprises so keep an eye out!

Want to get involved? Make sure to sign up so you can take part in these fantastic events. Contact us through our Instagram or email us at poolsnooker@dcusocs.ie 

Current Committee 8
Chairperson Josh Herbert
Secretary Hugh Emerson
Treasurer Alex Doyle
Health and Safety Officer Adam Mc Carthy
Public Relations Officer Joshua Doyle
Ordinary Committee Member David Michael Holland
Ordinary Committee Member Rory James
Vice Chairperson Conor Crowley

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