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Believers Loveworld Society

Taking God’s divine presence to the peoples and nations of the world

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About Believers Loveworld Society

The BLW society is a leadership development society aimed to empower them for a successful future and our driving force is our Christian faith. BLW Society is a renowned society with a successful history of promoting diversification of the arts and education.


BLW society is a platform to inspire students on campus for success and give them a platform to develop their talents and gifts and use it to inspire others. We haved achieve this by holding success motivation seminars and workshops, during which motivational speakers will be invited to address the students on various social topics and inspire them. We will be holding more activities such as music concerts, movie andgame nights, creative arts plays, exhibitions etc. with inspirational themes to give students a platform to express their individual gifts and talents. Our focus and emphasis based is on leadership, empowerment, growth and development which distinguishes us from other societies. We aim to engage in charity works in order to make a positive impact in DBS and our society at large.

We believe that by creating this environment of faith and love, students who join will see themselves grow and flourish and achieve all their dreams.


This society would be a major student attraction for DBS at an international level, as this society is registered in other universities in Ireland and many countries across the world such as the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Ghana, Nigeria, Cyprus, South Africa and to mention a few.

There is a large network of Believers Love World societies in over 50 universities in the UK and Ireland. This includes Dublin Institute of Technology, Maynooth University, University of Exeter, University of East London, University of Hertfordshire, Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, to name a few. We aim to bring one to Dublin Business Schooland continue on with the success.

Our goal is to empower the youths of our generation and to help them find and establish their individual talents such as singing, dancing, acting and poetry. We do so by hosting several events throughout the year in which members of the society can perform.

We hope that though our society, students will grow and gain valuable experiences, which will contribute to them having a successful future.

Current Committee 6
Chairperson Emmanuela
Fixtures Secretary Kiki
Secretary (name hidden)
Treasurer Dami Adesina
First Year Rep (name hidden)
Public Relations Officer (name hidden)

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