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About Mature Students Society

Being a mature student can be stressful as we juggle personal commitments, family and work. DCU Mature Students Society is somewhere to come and meet new friends "from the same boat", support each other during the busy and challenging student life, share ideas to get the most out of our learning experience. While it is not safe for us to meet face to face, we will organise virtual Coffee Mornings, online games and other events, so that all of us could experience that even in mature years and even in current circumstances being a student can be great fun, too!

We would love to welcome both new and returning students. Would you like to try it all out, too? You are very welcome! Just drop a line to and become one of us!

Current Committee 4
Chairperson Dace Lazdina
Secretary Yvonne
Treasurer Marguerite
Health and Safety Officer Harry Patrick Mallon

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