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DCU's Society for Riot Games' popular MOBA - League of Legends

Membership unavailable until society is unlocked by committee admin
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About League of Legends Society

Welcome to League of Legends Society!

We are a group of Gamers dedicated to Riot Games' super popular MOBA - League of Legends!

We play games, talk eSports, memes, complain about our soloQ teammates, and bond over our love of Season 11 champions. We play other Riot Games games, like Valorant and Legends of Runeterra (and TFT), and host variety nights where we play party games! We're all excited about the upcoming fighter game, and the other projects from Riot Games!

We have our weekly LAN on campus, where we use a computer lab to all get together to play some League and hang out.

We welcome players of all skill levels, from Fakers to Gold 4 Brands. So if you're looking to hit the Rift with a smurf duo partner, or find a Flex team to get that sweet Victorious skin, we have your back!
If you're new to the game and are interested in playing we'd love to help you learn more!

Please feel free to join our Discord and get to know us if you're on the fence about signing up!
Feel free to email the Society for the Discord link and we can get you set up within the soc!

Come join us for 200 years of fun!

Current Committee 7
Chairperson Jonathan
Treasurer Jack
Equipment Officer Noah
Equipment Officer (name hidden)
First Year Rep Michaela Domorakova
Ordinary Committee Member Mubarak
Ordinary Committee Member Aleena Naseem

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