Circus Arts Society

Juggling! Unicycles! and etc!

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About Circus Arts Society

All the wonders of the cool parts of the circus rolled into one neat society!

We've got balancing tricks like Unicycles, Tightrope, Slackline, The Walking Globe, Stilts, and more!

We've got Juggling props like Balls, Clubs, Cigar boxes, Diabolos, Yo-yo, Kendama, Devil sticks, Spinning plates and more!

We've got flow arts like Hula Hoops (big AND small), Poi (and LOTS of them), Staffs (more than we know how to use) and more!

No scary clowns (unless you want to be one) no unethical animal treatment, just chill times and encouraging environments for any skill level.

You really don't need to know how to do anything, just pick something and try, someone will be able to teach you a thing or two.

Current Committee 3
Treasurer Ciaran Murphy
Public Relations Officer Jake Clarke
Chairperson Rory O'Brien

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