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Crochet and knitting are NOT the same thing

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About Crochet & Knitting Society

Get creative and discover a new love of fibre arts and crafts! Learn a new skill or bring your own tips and tricks to our table. Everyone is welcome and our goal is to be encouraging as you learn to work with wool to create the most unique and colourful handmade things. Get to know others with the same interest over a cup of coffee or tea and remember, you can make absolutely anything you can imagine! This society doesn’t limit you to your Grandma’s socks, although those are good too if that’s what you want!

Current Committee 6
Chairperson Emma Quinn
Secretary Robyn Ella Griffin
Treasurer Ava Kilroy
PRO Máire Kelly
First Year Rep Willow Buliman
Ordinary Committee Member Ciara Hennessy

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