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Building bridges, celebrating diversity, empathy knows no borders, we gather in sanctuary

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About University of Sanctuary Society

At Sanctuary Society, we are one global community, extending beyond national borders. We believe in the power of community and the strength that comes from embracing diversity. Our goal is to create a sanctuary where everyone feels welcomed, supported, and valued. 

Sanctuary is a safe space for you to grow, learn, and share. Diversity is our strength. We celebrate various cultures, backgrounds and perspectives, and support inclusivity. Beyond the confines of the borders, we are a global community.

Become a member of University of Sanctuary Society and surround yourself with a network of friends who encourage, understand, and support one another. Together, we navigate challenges, celebrate triumphs and create lasting connections.

Current Committee 5
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Staff (name hidden)
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Advisor Yatin Raj
Public Relations Officer Eve

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