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About Fishing

DCU Fishing is simply a place for any DCU students that fish or are interested in taking up fishing. We're not professionals by any stretch, just looking to enjoy the water and do it with good company and a bit of craic. For any beginners we'll ease you in and show you the basics and the tips and tricks. For the more experienced angler DCU Fishing will introduce you to other like minded fishermen and women and our Instagram is the place to go if you want to show off your latest catch. So if you've so much as a passing interest in fishing for anything and everything DCU Fishing would be happy to have you.

Fishing COVID-19 Coordinator
Emma Kate Rowlette (Chairperson)
Current Committee 8
Chairperson Emma Kate(She/Her)
Secretary Gary Paul Rodgers
Treasurer Alan Goleac
Public Relations Officer (name hidden)
Equipment Officer Shane Duffy
First Year Rep (name hidden)
Ordinary Committee Member Ciara Dorey
Ordinary Committee Member Ryan Lannon

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