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Sober Soc was founded in 2014 and in the years of growth since then, the society has offered college students a range of great fun events to attend that don’t involve alcohol. The mission statement of sober is that there are many ways for young people to socialise and have a great time while also becoming aware of responsibility toward alcohol use among young people.

Sober Soc works closely with a charity called Rainbows which is very close to all our hearts. The charity provides counselling and support for children who have experienced issues like bereavement or parents who have divorced. This is a cause of such importance but it is sometimes overlooked. This is because for adults, divorce and bereavement are a huge life change but these things can affect children so deeply and without support can have an immense impact on their lives as they grow out of their developmental years into adulthood. We choose to work with Rainbows as we believe it’s a charity that deserves our continual support.

While Sober Soc is a society that is orientated around fundraising and promotion of alcohol awareness, we also make sure that everyone is having fun whilst doing it. Our goal as a society is to aid Rainbows in any way we can, particularly with events such as our Sober Bowl and Sober Bar "Sobar" which also promote alcohol awareness. Sober Soc will be running many great events over the course of the year. These include the weekly Hangover Hub on Tuesday, where members can relax with tea, biscuits and pizza while they chat about whatever may have happened the night before, each Hangover Hub often has a fun theme or a society collab.

Sober-Bowl is one of the biggest events every year where other societies are invited in teams to compete for the coveted trophy. Competition is always fierce and craic is always had. Sobar is always a great event where we have mocktails and chats, this is made even greater when he hold it with a society crossover, such as our Drama Open-Mic x Sobar.

Sober Stock is our biggest event each year which unfortunately could not take place last year. The event involves everything from paint throwing to obstacle courses and could be consider our very own Sober Sports Day. These are some of the events held annually but this year expect to see all new and exciting events The society has been growing rapidly year upon year and this year’s committee is going to be hosting all new events that will take Sober to even greater heights, look out this year for more amazing events than ever.

Sober Soc is a society that everyone should consider being a part of, as we raise awareness for real issues that everyone has some connection to yet we have fun as much fun as possible along the way. So, come join the pink revolution because you’ll always remember the great people you’ve met and times you’ve had with us at Sober

Current Committee 11
Chairperson Liam O Keeffe(He/Him)
Treasurer Killian Dardis
Public Relations Officer Georgia Poole
Dance Officer Saad Ahmed
Events Officer Finn
Events Officer Megan Murphy Fields
First Year Rep Daniel Mc Entee
Liaison Officer Sorcha Rose Mc Groarty
Sponsorship Officer Ishita Gupta
Vice-Chairperson Tara Whelan
Webmaster Rohith

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