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What is Neuroscience?

By definition, Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system, which therefore combines many disciplines, such as Anatomy, Psychology, Biology, Philosophy, IT and more.

What is the aim of the DCU Neuroscience Society?

The DCU Neuroscience Society was founded in 2019 with the ambition to create a space for Neuroscience in the DCU community. Because there is not yet an established Neuroscience department in DCU, this Society aims to bring together students interested in Neuroscience-related disciplines coming from different departments. This Society wants to be a central point to share and acquire knowledge in Neuroscience in DCU, linking together diverse points of view represented by students belonging to various departments. This reflects the interdisciplinary nature of Neuroscience that needs to connect together many subjects to make sense of how the nervous system functions as a whole.

Which are some activities of the DCU Neuroscience Society?

Last year we organised short TED-talk and documentary screenings on topics such as how psychedelics affect the brain, and memory functioning. We also had a day out in GoQuest Challenge Arena to keep our neurons active. Finally, we organised an informative open event on nicotine dependence, smoking cessation the role of e-cigarettes presented by our amazing president Dr. Styliani Vlachou, also director of the Biopsychology/Behavioural Neuroscience laboratory and lecturer in Psychology.

Some of the events that we are planning for this upcoming year are a meet&greet meeting, then we have ready a fun quiz to be played in teams (we’ll have some juicy prizes for the winners), a neuroscience debate (topic to be picked!) and a secret neuro-Santa event just before Christmas and many more!

Why Should you join the Society?

  • The first reason is your curiosity for such a fascinating subject of neuroscience!
  • It is a unique opportunity to get to know people that share the same interest and exchange some knowledge and future career perspective.
  • The possibility to be part of the committee - this could help you building useful skills (i.e. communication, organisational), but also it is a valuable contribution to your CV!
  • It is a lovely way to get to know new people and interact with a diverse DCU population.
  • YOU are in charge! You can contribute to the development of activities as every member is welcome to suggest a topic of interest or activity to organise.
  • If you are still reading this, you should definitely join us!
  • We will be delighted to have you on board!

Final thoughts

DCU Neuroscience Society is a new vibrant society in DCU with the potential to grow strong and be one of the primary representatives of the Neuroscience discipline in DCU.

Current Committee 3
Secretary (name hidden)
Treasurer Marta Cesarini
Public Relations Officer Ellie

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